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Generally the best period to come in to have your 3D scan made is anywhere from 30-36 weeks. Ideally if your are booking early try to reserve your appointment between 32-34 weeks.

It’s completely safe to have a 3D scan made of your pregnancy bump. Our 3D scanners work with structured light, which is a technique widely used in the medical field, and of course completely safe to use on people.

No. It’s entirely up to you. You may choose to have your scan done with underwear or clothes on. We have different examples available of sculptures with underwear or clothes on in all of our studios and it’s also possible to digitally remove your underwear so it doesn’t show on your sculpture.

The 3D scan only takes a couple of minutes, though your appointment is booked for a full hour. We’ll show you all options and discuss different materials and possibilities.

During your appointment at our studio we take a 360 3D scan of your body, capturing your pregnant belly in all it’s beauty. We will show you your digital model straight away, as you can have a look at the raw scan during your appointment.

Yes! We want you to feel happy about the sculpture and look at it without being distracted by anything you dislike about your body.

If only our mirror had the magical touchup function our digital sculpting team has, take adventage of the possibility and don’t be shy.. we’ve scanned close to 3000 women, and can count the ladies that didn’t want any smoothing on one hand 😉

No, the pictures on our site are just there to give you a good idea on the possibilities and of course for some pre-fun prior to your appointment.

During your scan you can see the examples upclose and we can inform you about all the different choices there are. 

The possibilities for a sculpture are endless. For this reason we have added a price list for the basic sculpture without a head, without arms, and without legs. Are you looking for prices on other options, please reach out with your wishes so we can provide a custom quotation