Mother and child statue

Every young mother knows the clichés. ‘ Cherish that first period, before you know it they will be out the door ‘, ‘ enjoy it while you can ‘. You may get tired of it sometimes, but mothers think back to the maternity period for you and your little one, which seems like an eternity ago to them. A newborn or breastfeeding image / feeding image captures this special and short period forever.

the appointment

We always take a lot of time during a scan with babies. We think it is important that both you and your child have time to ground after arrival.

Before we start scanning, we go through all possible postures while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

During the scan it is important that your child lies as still as possible, but we understand that your baby will not sleep on command. We therefore take all the time together and can update a lot digitally.

You know your child best, choose a time block in which you expect your child to be calm and the chance is greatest that he or she will sleep for a while.