How is a pregnancy sculpture made?

After your 3D scan is done, all our pregnancy sculptures are made at our workplace in Amsterdam. We 3D print the maternity figurine’s mold. Depending on your preference we either sand, polish and coat your sculpture or cast it in real bronze.

Our team is very focussed on the details and keeping your wishes in mind we make sure your baby belly will shine and your maternity statue will be a beautiful, loving memory to these special 9 months.

The process of creating your maternity statue starts with the 3D scan, but most we’ll actually spend most time working on your sculpture behind the scenes. Depending on the material and look you chose for your pregnancy sculpture it may take up to 3 months to finish it.

At our workplace your belly sculpture will go to the full process which starts at the moment we receive your scan files.

We love creating a lasting, tangible memory with our maternity statues

We will digitally sculpt your model to meet your wishes. On 98% of our models basic or advanced sculpting is done. We want you to be happy with your belly print or sculpture and not focus on insecurities you may have about your body.

For most women this means smoothing out any cellulite and details in the lower area.

As soon as your digital model is ready the mold for your maternity sculpture will be 3D printed. We use 2 different printing techniques and 3 women in our team can officially label themselves as printnerds these days.
Take a look at the video for a good impression of other work that’s done on your maternity statue.