Free 3D scan

Those nine months of your life will never come back, but let’s be honest… it’s not exactly the cheapest period of your life.

Baby room, ultrasounds, maternity shoots, baby clothes… your hormones may want it all, but your wallet is not that happy. We feel you!

Please note: the free scan is shorter then a normal scan appointment. If you already know you want to order a sculpture please book a full appointment so we have time to inform you on all the different materials and options. 

How does the free 3D scan for a pregnancy sculpture work?

free scan

During a 20 minute appointment we will perform the 3D scan of your pregnant body, which will take about 2 minutes. We will also show you our sculptures in real life so you have an idea on the possibilities.

3D files

Your scan files will be turned into a 360 degrees model of your pregnant body. During the appointment we will show you a preview of your model.

ordering a pregnancy statue

If you choose to have a pregnancy sculpture made you can order it directly by sending us the form you receive after your scan.

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