We specialize in pregnancy sculptures based on 3D scans

Your pregnancy is amongst the most special times in your life. To capture this extraordinary time we created a high detail 3D scan of your pregnant body and turn it into precious pregnancy sculptures.

A memory to your pregnancy, for life.

Read all about the full process of creating a 3D pregnancy sculpture on our website. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the pregnancy statues.

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Buikbeeld brons geprint met 3D printer


Veredeld buikbeeld brons


Buikbeeld brons gegoten

casted bronze

Handmade in Amsterdam

After your 3D scan is done, all our 3D pregnancy sculptures are made at our workplace in Haarlem, near Amsterdam. We 3D print the maternity figurine’s mold. Depending on your preference we either sand, polish and coat your sculpture or cast it in real bronze.

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